Scott Buchanan – Vocals

76769_468192457859_673502859_5397946_479236_nScott Buchanan (born Scott Wayne Buchanan on June 21, 1971) is an American musician, lyricist, vocalist, acoustic guitarist, percussionist and drummer most notable for his work with Flannel.

Buchanan is also known for his career with original bands Censored, Silent Cry, Godsin, and Gate Seven. His onstage persona is known as being theatrical; he is also known for changing his appearance and vocal style, as well as his use of a megaphone in concert for vocal effect.

Early years

Buchanan was born as Scott Wayne Buchanan at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri. He received his first Apollo/Ludwig 5 piece drum kit from his parents on Christmas as an adolescent. He attended the Orchard Farm School District where he began classes in band, marching band, and jazz band.

His father later introduced him to an acoustic guitar and singing as an early teen. He moved to Florida as a late teenager, Buchanan stated that while performing in his first bands as a teenager, his drinking “escalated” and he began using drugs for the first time, which he referred to as a “musical experiment”.

Censored (1990-1991)

In 1990 Buchanan met drummer Shane Reynolds at Brinkers Restaurant & Pub in St. Peters, Missouri and shortly thereafter forming the band Censored. Buchanan wrote the band’s lyrics and performed vocals with Scott Fanning on guitar and Jason Miller on bass. The band opened up for St. Louis local bands including Conquest and London Calling.

In 1991 they opened up for Charisma recording artist Sweet F.A., Capitol recording artists XYZ, and Wildside at Metal’s Edge in St. Louis, Missouri. The band was later featured in an article interview by Christina Grewach of Just Rock Magazine.

Silent Cry (1992-1993)

In 1992 Shane Reynolds departed ways with replacement drummer Tim Dreher. Buchanan changed the bands name to Silent Cry and opened up for Relativity Records recording artist Shotgun Messiah at Metal’s Edge in St. Louis, Missouri. The band later included keyboards to there sound and introduced keyboardist Dan “The Man” Novack while headlining shows at Club 367, Bastille’s, and Rivers.

In 1993 Tim Dreher departed ways with replacement drummer Luke while then recording the bands first studio demo. Luke departed ways a short time after as Shane Reynolds was then rejoined bringing the band back to its original members. The band later then showcased there music with a tape release party at Metal’s Edge.

In March of 1993 the band was featured in two article interviews by Jim Muller and Carrie Sikes of the St. Charles Journal and St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Godsin (1993-2003)

In 1993 the band lost there rehearsal space to the flood of ’93 which was in the basement of Buchanan’s mothers home. Despite the local success the band was having in St. Louis, Jason Miller, Shane Reynolds, and Dan Novack went there separate ways. Scott Fanning and Buchanan were still determined to keep moving forward with there musical careers.

In 1994 Buchanan and Scott Fanning changed the bands name to Godsin and started working on writing and recording there first album at Keywood Music Studio’s. While recording Buchanan and Scott Fanning met bassist Bill Westfall (Banshee) and played bass on a few recording sessions. Due to personal differences from the staff at Keywood, Buchanan and Scott Fanning stopped the recording sessions while holding tryouts to find a replacement bassist and drummer.

In 1995 Buchanan and Scott Fanning started recording again at Profound Sound Studio’s with engineer John Nolan and released a three song demo titled 6’ft.Under. In 1996 Buchanan and Scott Fanning were included on a compilation CD on the Underground Music Series vol. I disc 2. for there song “Life I Live”.

In 1997 Buchanan and Scott Fanning added bassist Gordon Blodgett and drummer Bronco while performing shows in St. Charles and St. Louis area. In 1999 Bronco departed ways along with Gordon Blodgett a few months later.

In 2000 Buchanan and Scott Fanning began building there own personal home recording studio. In 2001 Buchanan and Scott Fanning started writing and recording new songs for a CD release. While recording the all most finished new album, the recording console froze up, and could not be repaired while loosing all of there work.

In 2002 Buchanan and Scott Fanning started recording once again only to find another console malfunction and lost there work for the second time. In 2003 Buchanan and Scott Fanning decided to take a break.

Gate Seven (2008-Present)

In 2008 Buchanan and Scott Fanning got back together after a 5 year break and was then reunited with bassist Gordon Blodgett while writing new songs. The band started to build a new recording/rehearsal studio in Lake St. Louis. Buchanan and Scott Fanning changed the bands name to Gate Seven. The band was then reunited once again with drummer Shane Reynolds. The band went on to win most ticket sales at Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget, IL. for the battle of the bands for Pointfest with radio station 105.7 The Point. The band won a live timeslot performance on the air with DJ Cornbread on 105.7 The Point. Later that year drummer Shane Reynolds departed ways once again with replacement drummer Joe Spink.

Flannel – “A Tribute To Grunge” (2008-Present)

In 2008 Buchanan and Scott Fanning decided to start a cover/tribute band to help support funds for Gate Seven. On July 19th 2008 Flannel performed at Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget, IL. and on September 19th 2008 at Brewskeez Sports Cafe in O’Fallon, MO opening up for Mean Street – A Tribute To Van Halen.

In late 2008 bassist Gordon Blodgett departed ways with replacement bassist Marc Fain. On December 12th 2008 Flannel went on to open up for Mean Street – A Tribute To Van Halen at O’Aces Sports Bar & Grill in Imperial, MO. Flannel continued to open up for St. Louis, MO local tribute bands such as Stone In Love – A Tribute To Journey December 20th 2008 at the House Of Rock in St. Louis, MO, Mean Street – A Tribute To Van Halen on January 10th 2009 at KT’s Sports Bar & Grill in O’Fallon, MO, and Ghost In The Machine – A Tribute To The Police on January 24th 2009 at KT’s Sports Bar & Grill in O’Fallon, MO.

On March 13th 2009 Flannel was booked by LA*DE*DA Entertainment to perform at the grand opening of Heartbreakers Rock-n-Roll Saloon in St. Louis, MO. And later at Syberg’s Sports Bar on August 21st 2009 and October 16th 2009 in Maryland Heights, MO. As the 2009 year progressed, Flannel went on to perform in rotation at nightclubs, bars and venues in St. Charles, O’Fallon, Wentzville, and St. Louis, MO.

On June 20th 2009 Flannel was included to perform at KT’s 2009 Super Jam, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with KSHE 95 Radio DJ Katy Kruze along with tribute bands Stone In Love – Journey Tribute, China Grove – Doobie Brothers Tribute, Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart Tribute, Beautiful Looser – Bob Seger Tribute, 7 Bridges Road – Eagles Tribute, and Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin Tribute. And on October 31st 2009 Flannel was invited to perform on Halloween at The Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO.

In 2010 Flannel expanded there territory by including shows in Pontoon Beach, Illinois. On March 13th 2010 Flannel was booked by MetroMuzic and Events LLC to perform at Dorsett Inn Bar & Grill in Maryland Heights, MO. And on June 25th 2010 Flannel shared the stage with Torn – A Tribute To Creed and filmed there first live concert event by JoePro of Wazupstl.com at KT’s Sports Bar & Grill in O’Fallon, MO. On July 10th 2010 Flannel was booked by Triple Jam Productions at Shenanigans Bar & Grill in Belleville, IL., and The New Ground Floor on August 28th 2010 in Belleville, IL.

On July 24th 2010 Flannel was invited to be interviewed on 100.7 FM Westplex Radio Station by host Kelley Lamm on her Be Deliciously Alive Radio Show. Buchanan and Scott Fanning performed a live on air song “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots.

Buchanan continues to front the band Flannel today and is attracting a diverse group of fans.

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