Scott Fanning – Guitar

148189_468192187859_673502859_5397936_7743315_nI have been playing guitar since I was 10 years old.  I have been influenced by many forms of rock with a wide spectrum…  In my early days, I had favorites that ranged from Cacophony, Malmsteen, Satriani for solo artists, moving into bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Queensryche.  These bands and players were my early motivators to rock.

I then hit another phase of music in my late teens, early twenties where bands like Shotgun Messiah, Saigon Kick, XYZ, The Cult, and Type 0 Negative, which really moved me as well.  These bands all had unique sick twists to the general smear of 80’s music, which we were all forced to listen to.

This was followed by the death of the eighties when we all started hearing albums coming out like Alice in Chains “Dirt”, Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, and PJ “TEN”, STP “Core”, with full collections of anything by Soundgarden.  I think this music made most of us appreciate its perfect timing.  As much as we all loved the eighties bands, the eighties was starting to wear thin on everyone.  I would have to say this was, or is my music and truly identified my generation.  So 90’s rock and grunge is my stuff, and I love it.   That said, I have always had my favorite listening music that I would have listened to my whole life regardless if I played guitar or not.  My all time favorite band ever is Journey, and runner up Fleetwood Mac, and anything Michael McDonald would sing.  You could also mix in some AC/DC, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Ratt, LZ and many others, the list could go on forever.

My all time favorite guitar player is little known “Harry Cody” who played for Shotgun Messiah.  I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Harry/Shotgun Messiah,  in the 1990’s when I played for an original band called Silent Cry.  Silent Cry had also shared the stage with XYZ, Sweet FA, Wildside and a few others. This brings me to my favorite gear.  I asked the guitar tech for Harry Cody “what the hell were those heads Harry Cody was playing?”  He told me they were the new Peavey 5150’s.  Well in my day “Peavey” was a bad word and nobody wanted anything to do with them.  So, I went to the store that week and decided to play one, I bought it on the spot and have played the Peavey 5150 heads ever since.  I have tried to change, owning some very pricy heads and I always quickly go back to the 5150.  I also have chosen to play seven strings in all my personal original music (currently Gate Seven), but for Flannel, I play a couple of Gibson Les Paul’s.  I like the 10 gauge strings, always have over the 9’s.  I like analog toys with midi switching supported my voodoo labs/digital music corp.

On a personal note, Scott Buchanan the Singer for Flannel is my best friend and we have been playing music together in various bands since I was 16 years old.  Joe and Marc have been an absolute treat to work with and the friendship in this band rivals the music we play together.  It’s been a very good time playing with these folks.

Thank you,

Scott Fanning

Flannel Guitars

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